Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting Food Bargains

When you become cost conscious you start doing things subconsciously and automatically that you don’t even give a second thought. My husband said the other day “why did you buy so much bread ?”.

It took me a little while to respond but I eventually remembered it’s because the bread was nearing expiry, the grocer had discounted the bread to clear. I could buy 3 loaves for just over the price of one. I put 2 in the freezer and used the third for now.

I also do that with some cookies, cakes, butter (when making cakes), some fruits like tomatoes which when really ripe are the best for making my own pasta sauce. Sometimes I also find bargain bins where the grocers are simply wanting to move that stock out or it simply isn’t selling well so I always keep a look out for those specials.

Of course I’m not always at the grocers when specials are on but my trusty girlfriends might be ! So a quick SMS to the group sends us on a shopping expedition – no wonder my husband wants me to get rid of the cell :)

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Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

I also like to look at the sales bin.

We found gourmet dog food for about 49 cents a can. Very cheap and it was a brand that our dog likes.

I also like the clearance section at Walgreens and CVS.
--The Frugal Duchess